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About Me

Hi! I’m Ameya, and since you’re reading this: a-may-yeah (as in a book, may I?, yeah sure!). “Ameya” is the sanskrit word “अमेय” approximately translating to “Impossible”. Just too full of energy as a baby, right? My parents went from “You’re impossible” to “You’re Ameya”. This github username was created when in high school, as a battle against the impossible dream of being “Dr. Ameya” (pun intended) and motivation for it.

I love to think about technology and mechanism design– How to better bake nicer incentives into decentralized technologies for a fairer world. I aspire to an the ideal of “theoretically grounded approaches should go hand-in-hand with challenging practical problems” in my research: Principled approaches can accelerate research compared to extensive hit-and-try approaches popular today. Conversely, it’s important to make real-world assumptions to model computationally hard problems and side-step worst-case complexity. As Marx once famously said “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them.. well, I have others”. I work on effective methods for addressing continual learning at Torr Vision Group, University of Oxford.

On the fun side, I love fake frameworks: afterall ontologies make things seem real. The jungian personality type of the academic me is currently ENTJ, dominated by Te and Ni; or my MTG Color Wheel results have been dominated by Blue and Red with a Black tinge. I do read a lot of aspiring-rationalist, effective-altruism, pop-economics blogrolls. I love EDM music and everything around it: I am a huge fan of house, techno & trance music, I play a launchpad (Novation MK2) and am learning to shuffle. I have weird political leaning that I think more people should have: I am an anarchist in interpersonal interactions, communist at home, socialist democrat at local/regional level and classical liberal at the national/global level. The issues I deeply care about are animal welfare, digital privacy, slow science or the free and open source culture. If this last paragraph interests you more than anything above it, here is the non-academic me where you might find more of the same. Welcome to my personal page folks!







Deep Expander Networks
Hybrid Binary Networks
Hybrid Binary Networks







  • Got selected for Dean’s Merit List for Academic Excellence Award- 2017
  • Got Undergraduate Research Award for Outstanding Publications in Undergraduate years -2017